Membership Information

Are you interested in enhancing your skills? Do you want to learn more about the best practices in public management? Do you want to get invites to current events that management is interested in?

Would it help to have opportunities to network and sharing ideas with others in management service?

If you are currently employed in a management service position, PMA is offering free membership to all state, county, city and local government employees who work in management service and sign up to become a member and join over 400 PMA members.

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Who can become a member of PMA?

PMA membership is open to Oregon public sector state, county, city and other local government employees in management and executive service, supervisory or confidential positions, and those whose jobs are administrative in nature and not part of a bargaining unit.

Who can attend a PMA event?

Of course PMA members can attend. Guests of PMA members are also welcome to attend.