Public Management Association

The Public Management Association (PMA) offers public managers opportunities to collaborate and share experiences, improve performance and enhance their skills.

PMA provides a resource for managers to gain and exchange information by sponsoring programs and events that focus on management in government.

PMA evolved from the State Management Association - formed in 1976.

Who can become a member of PMA?

PMA membership is open to Oregon public sector state, county, city and other local government employees in management and executive service, supervisory or confidential positions, and those whose jobs are administrative in nature and not part of a bargaining unit.

Are you interested in enhancing your skills, learning best practices and sharing ideas with others in management service? To become a member of PMA click on this link.

PMA Privacy Statement

PMA does not share member information with outside companies for the purposes of marketing, nor does it sell its member list. All information collected about members is confidential. E-mail addresses are collected for communication purposes only and are not traded or sold.

PMA Statement of Values

Value driven public stewardship and ethics go hand in hand. The Public Management Association is committed to this type of leadership. Members of PMA uphold as part of their commitment to being principled public stewards and leaders in Oregon the following:

PMA members are committed to excellence in public management. We value stewardship, accomplishment, and integrity in the conduct of public business, and by applying those values we promote public trust.