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PMA members are Oregon public sector employees in management and executive service holding supervisory or confidential positions, whose jobs are administrative in nature and not part of a bargaining unit.


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Join Us For Our Spring Workshop

The Science of Thriving at Work

with: Scott Crabtree


Engaged employees are enthusiastic about their jobs and companies; they go the extra mile for their employer. Engagement leads to improved productivity, quality, and retention. So how do you get an engaged employee? This research-based, interactive session will teach you concrete, immediately applicable techniques to raise employee engagement. Explore…

1. Drivers of employee engagement (alignment, progress, significance, development, relationships and more) and how to deliver them in your organization.  2. The forces that drive employees to disengage, and how to avoid those. 3. How “minding the GAPs” is the key to engaging employees.

We look forward to seeing you:

When: Mar 18 From: 8:30-4:00

Location: Northwest Viticulture
Center, 215 Doaks Ferry Road NW

Salem OR 

Cost: $99.00

2015 PMA Spring Workshop: "The Science of Thriving at Work"