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PMA members are Oregon public sector employees in management and executive service holding supervisory or confidential positions, whose jobs are administrative in nature and not part of a bargaining unit.


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October PMA Conference Recap:

October 15th 

Scott Crabtree 


Lead Your Team with Brain Science

We learned:

1.Explore the power and limits of the prefrontal cortex and see how you can create an environment that makes your teams brains work at their best.

2.Discover what makes memory work and fail so you can both teach and learn as effectively as possible.

3.Learn how to manage office social stress that adversely affects brain performance.

4.Boost meaning and motivation within teams by rebooting workflows for increased happiness and creativity.


If you attended the 2014 PMA Annual Conference we want to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey. The information you provide will help your PMA Board plan future activities. Follow this link to complete the survey...2014 PMA Annual Conference - Lead Your Team with Brain Science Survey